The Rayburn 355SFW slow combustion stove has the largest output in the range and is ideal for those with larger heating requirements.

355SFW Solid Fuel & Wood Burning – Black and Cream Only $15,750
355SFWSE Solid Fuel & Wood Burning – Signature Colours $16,200

Price inc. GST

  • The Heatranger 300 is similar in size to the 200 Series but with a larger hotplate and increased depth to match standard 600mm kitchen units.
  • It is designed to give you the choice of central heating, hot water and cooking.
  • All models feature a large Main Oven and a second Lower Oven


Fuel Smokeless selected bituminous coals, seasoned wood and peat briquettes
Controls Thermostatic and Manual
Initial Flue Pipe (min internal diameter) Conventional 150mm
Ventilation (min air vent for room) 182.5cm2
Electrical Supply No
Water Output Up to 40,000Btu/h – 11.7kW 8 Radiators
Hot Water System Gravity DHW and pumped heating
Water Cylinder Size 190 litres (40 Gallons)
Hotplate Takes 4 pans
Ovens Large Main & Lower Warming Oven
Weight 380Kg

Colors Avaialble
Dark Blue