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AGA 3 Series Range

The AGA range has recently expanded to take in the 3 Series collection. Models in the collection are designed for everyday life, so give you everything you’d expect from a traditional AGA, but with built-in flexibility.

Every AGA cast-iron cooker puts useful heat into the room, meaning you get that lovely, cosy AGA warmth. However, with these newer models, the hotplates and ovens can be switched off when you don’t need the warmth, for example overnight, the hottest of summer days or when you’re away from home, giving you ultimate flexibility.

AGA 3 Series cookers have two cast-iron ovens – one that can be set to either roasting or baking mode, the other a simmering oven. There is also a warming oven and, on some models, the option of cookware storage. Available in 110cm, 100cm and 90cm models, the latter comes with a useful tall warming oven.

Cookers in the collection also boast a host of innovative features, including an AGA hotplate that can be set to either boiling or simmering mode and the option of a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob or an AGA warming plate.

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The badge that for so many years symbolised the warm, stylish essence of AGA is now available again, to enhance the timeless, classic appeal of your chosen AGA.