The Rayburn 212SFW slow combustion solid fuel & wood stove has 2 ovens (a large main & lower warming oven), a 4 pan hotplate and is for cooking, or (with the addition of a water jacket) heating hot water. It is available in 6 colours.

212SFW – Black and Cream Only $12,450
212SFWSE – Signature Colours $12,680

Price incl. GST

  • A compact slow combustion solid fuel and wood burning stove range that will suit a smaller kitchen.
  • The Rayburn Heatranger 200 Series of stoves cooks and heats beautifully, with the addition of a slow combustion water jacket.
  • All models feature a large Main Oven and a second Lower Oven


Fuel Selected mineral fuels and seasoned wood
Controls Manual
Initial Flue Pipe (min internal diameter) Conventional 125mm
Ventilation (min air vent for room) 126cm²
Electrical Supply No
Water Output 12,000Btu/h 3.5kw
Hot Water System Gravity
Water Cylinder Size Option 315 litres
Hotplate Takes 4 pans
Ovens Large Main & Lower Warming Oven
Weight 319Kg
Colours available
Dark Blue