The Rayburn 200SFW slow combustion solid fuel & wood stove has 2 ovens (a large main & lower warming oven), a 4 pan hotplate and is for cooking only. It is available in 6 colours.

200SFW – Black and Cream Only $12,050
200SFWSE – Signature Colours $12,450

Price inc. GST

The Rayburn 200 SFW is small but perfectly formed. It offers all the power you’d expect from a Rayburn, in a compact and efficient package and is ideally suited to smaller kitchens. The cooker features a large main oven and a smaller warming oven, making it perfect for cooking everything from a quick cake, through to an elaborate dinner party menu.

The Rayburn 200 SFW is brilliant for those who are interested in sustainable living. It is a slow combustion seasoned timber and wood burning stove with a wood grate available. Other recommended fuels are smokeless coal, bituminous coal and peat, making it perfect for today’s environmentally concerned cooks.


Controls Manual
Initial Flue Pipe (min internal diameter) Conventional 125mm
Ventilation (mini air vent for room) 126cm²
Electrical Supply No
Hotplate Takes 4 pans
Ovens Large Main & Lower Warming Oven
Weight 319Kg

Colours available
Dark Blue