Masport Curlewis

Finish – Black VHT
Firebox – Steel – 6mm
Estimate Peak Output – 23kW
Emissions – 1.3g/kg
Efficiency – 63%
Dimensions (w x d x h) – 640 x 595 x 754 mm
Log Size – 400 mm
Base Type – Pedestal
Heating Capacity – Up to 230m2
  • Ideal for homes up to 230m²
  • 2 speed fan for even heat distribution
  • Masport triple air combustion technology provides an eco-friendlier fire
  • Made in New Zealand

Crafted in New Zealand, using locally-made steel to guarantee the highest levels of workmanship and quality. In our steel firebox fireplaces, we use 6mm-8mm steel, ensuring your fireplace will stand up to the hottest conditions, work more efficiently and last the distance.

Convection Fires

Convection fires provide a more even heat, by distributing warm air around the room. Because hot air rises, the air in the room is warmed from the ceiling downwards, making a convection fire suitable for a standard ceiling height and where a more even heat distribution is desired.