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Yunca Monte Eco Wood Heater with Base

RRP: $3,290.00

The NEXT GENERATION Yunca Monte is now available

Whats new : its the cleanest burning YUNCA Ever @ 0.4Grms, its one of the cleanest wood heaters on the market

But thats not the most impressive point – the NEW MONTE ECO will save you over $ 500.00 in wood

The massively improved efficiency ( old model 70% ) the MONTE ECO is 82% max Efficiency.

If you are looking for a solid built wood heater, a wood heater with a proper cook top ( that you can cook on the top of )

The Next generation YUNCA ECO is now here…

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Yunca Brochure
Yunca Manual

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height 784mm
width 663mm
depth 572mm
Style Options Pedestal – Wood Store (euro) – Legs
Color Options Black
Rear clearance to combustible 200mm
Side clearance to combustible 450mm
Corner clearance to combustible 245mm
Burn time 10>12 hours+h
flue size 150mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water Optional
heating capacity 200m2
Average efficiency 73%
Max efficiency 82%
Emissions 0.4grms
wood length 350mm
stove weight 170kg
Made in Geelong
Fan Optional



10 year warranty on firebox 12 months on all other parts