Heating Type Freestanding Wood Heater
Heating Style Convection
Height (mm) 790mm
Depth (mm) 517mm
Width (mm) 677mm
Capacity (m²) output Heats up to 200 m2
Overnight Burn Time Up to 8hrs
Fan Included
Recommended Hearth Maxiheat 1.2M X 1.2M Gloss Black Hearth
Rear Of Heater To Flue Centre (mm) 199mm
Flue Diameter 6 Inch
Rear Wall Clearance 200mm
Hearth Clearance 300mm
Corner Clearance 100mm
Recommended Flue Kit Maxiheat Default Standard Stainless Steel Flue Kit
Side Wall Clearance 325mm
Firebox Material 6 mm steel
Fuel Hardwood
Firebox Warranty 10 Years