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Euro BULLER Insert Wood Fire

RRP: $3,890.00

Euro Fireplaces provides the latest in European made wood heating technology. Highly efficient (up to 73%), with ultra-low emissions (as low as 0.4 grams), the units are sourced from leading European manufacturers with over 100 years of experience in designing and building wood heaters, based on the principle of using the smallest amount of firewood for the highest amount of heat output The heaters work by natural convection; the most efficient and cost-effective way of heating your house. Cold air is drawn in to the bottom of the heater and warm air emitted from the top, resulting in a consistent cycle of warming the air throughout your house. Some of the heaters come with optional heat bank, either in the form of refractory concrete slabs sitting between the inner and outer skin of the heater, or a natural soapstone or ceramic tile finish. Heat bank will retain heat for many hours, releasing it slowly as radiant heat. Heat bank will also help to maintain more coals for longer inside the firebox.

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Firebox Type: Landscape
Dimension (mm): Pedestal – h 830 w 770 d 465
Weight: 105kg
Output Range: 6-17kW
Heating Capacity: 200 sm to 280 sm
Efficiency AUS/EU: 61% / 76%
Wood Consumption at medium burn rate: 2kg/hr
Finish: Steel
Colours: Black
Flue Size/Outlet/Length: 145mm/Top/4m
External Air Supply: Yes
Log Size: Approximately 450mm
Clearance – Back/Side/Corner Type: 280mm/300mm/280mm
Heat Bank (Ceramics or Stone): No
Heat Bank (Refractory Concrete): Not Available
Warranty: 5 years
Emissions: 1.4 gram