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EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Pillar Series

RRP: $2,695.00

Impressive industrial-style, clean-burning indoor bioethanol fires combining various textural elements and accents, bringing a warm, inviting feel and adding depth and dimension to interior spaces.

Edgy, characterful portable fireplaces that can feature alongside other furniture or be used as a centerpiece fire to decorate or define a room.

Blend of materials to break up the industrial finish: the choice of timber with real oak veneer base or Carrarra Marble base, combined with Grade 304 stainless steel burner, and brushed brass-bracket highlights and Borosilicate glass fire screen.

Fuelled by environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol, Pillar Series fires can burn for up to 11 hours straight. Easy to install and set up with included mounting brackets for increased stability.

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Pillar Series Models

Available in two heights: 604mm (23.8 inch), and 484mm (19.1 inch) depending on your space and unique requirements.