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Austroflamm 120-45S Inbuilt Wood Fire

RRP: $11,700.00

The 120-45S wood burning fireplace insert is a high-quality steel fireplace insert with elegant modern lines. The wide glass door is equipped with an elevator system. The door lifts straight up and stops at the top without the need for support, making it easier to load. To close simply press down on the handle and the door smoothly self-closes.

Austroflamm was founded over 35 years ago and their fireplace showcase some of the most advanced developments in heating technology.

Internally every Austroflamm fire features a Keramott lining. Keramott is a patented product that is exclusive to Austroflamm. This material excels by an exceptional ratio between thermal insulation and heat conduction. Consequently, the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures sooner, allowing for a clean, low-emission combustion.