Key Features

– Patented three door system

– Heat accumulator

– Highly efficient combustion

– Adjustable heat output

– Rotating option

– Indoor BBQ kit option

– Room air independent

Technical Details


Nominal thermal output: 6 kW

Efficiency: 80%

Emissions : 1.1 g/kg

Dimensions & Weight:

Unit dimensions: H 1800 x W 465 x D 447 mm

Weight: 220 kg (366 kg with heat accumulator)

Storing heat for when it’s needed

The Stûv 30-Compact High can house heat storage modules above the combustion chamber. The closed-door mode prevents heat from diffusing through the glass, channelling the energy towards the accumulator. The heat is then released gradually after the fire dies out. This is a fireplace that keeps warming the room after the fire has gone out.