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Real Flame VEKTOR 1100 Gas Fireplace NG

RRP: $14,049.00

Ribbed Ceramic Internal Finish From RRP $14,049.00

Robax Magic Black Glass Internal Finish From RRP $14,699.00

The Vektor 1100 combines the simplicity and cleanliness of natural gas to lift your home with an authentic fireside experience featuring an elegant campfire-style flame pattern. Including in-log burners and an LED-powered glowing ember bed, the all-round soothing and warming ambiance created by the Vektor 1100 is in a class of its own.

Utilising the latest in state of the art technology, the Vektor 1100 features an in-log burner to create an incredible campfire flame pattern with LED light bed under the media giving a glowing ember effect. The Vektor 1100 has a massive 10.6kW output, which will allow this fire to heat up to 150m2.

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  • In-log burners creating a blazing campfire style flame
  • Glowing LED ember bed giving you the real fire experience
  • Full Wi-Fi capability allowing remote control of the fire from your mobile device wherever you have internet connection.
  • Power balanced flue up to 13.5m horizontally or vertically allows the fire to be installed in almost any location
  • Vektor 1100

    Type: High efficiency
    Fuel type: Natural gas
    Maximum Heat Output: 10.6kW
    Star Rating: 3.8
    Media Options: In-log burner
    Room size coverage: Up to 150m2