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Real Flame Nuvo 1800 Decorative Gas Fireplace

RRP: $11,949.00

Ribbed Ceramic Internal Finish – RRP $11,949.00

Robax Magic Black Glass Internal Finish – RRP $12,449.00

Real Flame Nuvo is a room sealed decorative gas fireplace range, designed to suit modern building styles. Available in 1200 and 1800mm size options, this fireplace can be configured in 4 different viewing styles to suit each type of installation. Traditional open-fronted fireplaces require significant fixed ventilation to ensure proper operation – the room sealed nature of this appliance ensures smooth operations without the requirement of fixed ventilation in the room. The range is compatible with Natural Gas, LPG, and ULPG, making a decorative gas fireplace accessible to as many clients as possible.

  • Anti-reflective glass as standard enhancing the aesthetic
  • Power Balanced Flue system that can run up to 50m in length
  • Compatible with Natural Gas, LPG, and ULPG
  • Fireplace can be configured in 4 different viewing styles