• Robust and hard-wearing product in cast iron
  • Reversible flue collar for either top or rear venting providing installation flexibility
  • Superior air wash system keeps the glass clean for unparalleled fire viewing
  • Tertiary Air system that draws air up the back of the stove and then injects it to the upper chamber to burn of excess gases
  • Integrated Ash Pan assures a clean convenient disposal of ashes

Dimensions: 1157 H x 504 W x 435 D (mm)

Nominal Heat Output: 12.5 kW

Weight:  156 kilos

Flue Outlet Diameter: 150 mm

Optional Extras

With Morsø the quintessential wood stove has become even more efficient with the introduction of the heat storage system.

The heat storage system perfectly integrates on top of any 7900 series wood burning fireplace, blending   seamlessly into the design. The system enables you to store heat and emits its slowly for a longer period of time, providing an eco-friendly option.

The heat storage system is designed with either a low or high-top module with integrated accumulation bricks. When the fire has burned down to glowing, the heat bricks continue to supply warmth. The system is based on a regulation unit which provides the option of storing the heat or having extra heat come directly into the room, the fires output can thus be exploited by accumulating the heat produced in the environmentally friendly combustion chamber in the heat storage-bricks in the top. Together with the 7900 stove the heat storage bricks make the most of your fuel and gently returns warmth for longer.

The High Top module consists of a brick with regulation and two accumulation bricks, providing room for up to 95 kilos of heat storage, with an height of  460 mm and a weight of 128 kilos whilst the low top module has one regulation brick that can accommodate up to 30 kilos of heat storage and has a height of 190 mm and a weight of 45 kilos.