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Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite BBQ

A first for the bbq market, The Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite is designed to be dropped into a bench top made from any material, including combustible materials such as wood. It has been specially designed to be installed with minimal fuss. Before the bbq is installed you will need to have a bench organised as the bbq sits into the bench top. You can also purchase the Heatlie Island Gourmet cabinet which has the necessary ventilation requirements as specified by the Australian Standards and a grill plate, so you can cook the perfect steak.

The Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite is now available in 2 sizes, the 600 and 850 models.

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Island Gourmet Elite

Available in two sizes.
  • Steel Ribbon Burners and Solid Steel Plate
  • The renowned 5mm Heatlie solid steel plate which, combined with Steel Ribbon burners gives very uniform heat distribution with no hot or cold spots.
  • Easiest of all Barbecues to clean and maintain Simply scrape waste on the plate into the fat drainage hole at the front and wipe with a paper towel. Coat the plate with a layer of vegetable oil  and put the lid back on (or close the hood) it’s that easy!
  • No oil or fat leaks
  • No dripping oil will drop onto the burners causing flare ups.
  • Innovative and very easy to remove fat catcher simply lift the plate and remove it.
  • Install into any bench and bench-top
  • Even ones made from combustible materials.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to install
  • Specially designed to be installed with minimal fuss and few additional components, easily installed by DIY home renovators or tradespeople.
  • Auto ignition
  • No fuss, works every time!
  • LPG or natural gas
  • 10-year warranty for domestic use