A warming beauty with its own hideaway FilioFocus incorporates an innovative telescopic system allows the hood to be drawn down to the base so the fireplace can be completely closed.

Stylish, elegant, functional.

The pure lines of the hood emphasised by the curved fire basin allow this self-supporting wall model to effortlessly grace many types of interiors.

This self-supporting wall fireplace is equipped with three curved glass panels (two are fixed and one slides open) that act as a fireguard. A heat recuperator takes up two-thirds of the hood, providing exceptional heat exchange.

Diameter of hood: 65 cm
Diameter of firebowl: 1.12 m
Paint: matte black (standard) or anthracite grey (optional)

Performance (wood-burning version):

Nominal heat output: 6kw
Efficiency: 50%
CO output: 0.08%