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EcoSmart Linear 50 Fire Pit Kit

RRP: $4,295.00

With its stylish design and ability to produce an elegant, elongated flame from a single XL900 burner, the Linear 50 Ethanol Fire Pit Kit inspires fire designs for homes and intimate settings within commercial spaces.

  • Colours: Black
  • Fuel: Bioethanol

Key Features

Sleek lines – A linear design and long flame makes it the epitome of style.
Trans-seasonal – Designed for year-round enjoyment, across the seasons, indoors and outside.
Easily integrated – Bring your firepit ideas to life with easy integration into non-combustible surfaces including stone countertops, concrete surfaces, brick and tiled tops.
Focal point – Black glass charcoal creates a dramatic and stylish stage for a single long flamed indoor or outdoor fire pit that draws the eye.

Self-contained – Patio Fire Pit Kits are all completely self-contained, which means they’re easier to install than gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

Built to last – Made from a combination of long-lasting materials, including stainless steel, ensuring durability for indoor or outdoor installation.

Tested World Wide – Our collection has been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and are UL Listed in the USA, Certified for EU and UK in accordance with EN16647, and satisfy the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.