Clean Air Victorian Wood Fireplace Insert – Medium

RRP: $2,799.00

Victorian – Large RRP $3199.00

The very picture of luxury, old-world elegance and
sophistication, and beautifully finished with an optional
mantle piece, the Victorian Insert commands attention as
you walk into the room. The Victorian Insert features the
superior firebox design of Clean Air Wood Heaters and
the large size achieves a maximum heating capacity of up
to 280m² of open space living.



Insert Size Victorian – Large Victorian – Medium
Firebox/Zero Clearance Option 650mm H x 715mm W x 510mm D

800mm H x 820mm W x 565mm D

 600mm H x 615mmW x 460mm D

750mm H x 720mm W x 515mm D

Fascia 885mm H x 905mm W  825mm H x 805mm W
Distance inside
fascia to start flue
240mm  190mm
Weight 184kg / 200kg  147kg / 160kg
Approx Heating Capacity 230m sq  230m sq
Hearth 1050mm W x 480mm D  950mm W x 480mm D



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