Beefeater Artisan Outdoor Kitchen 3000S 4 Burner

Beef Eater Range Hoods


This is where we took our idea of a great barbecue, and made it bigger. A lot bigger! This is BeefEater’s Outdoor Kitchen Centre. Amazing, isn’t it. Ahead of it’s time, this exceptional entertainer is the work of two iconic Aussie companies, BeefEater in barbecues and St George for fine kitchen appliances.

It’s pure ingenuity at work. The solid integrated, modular construction also means it’s quick and easy to install … which means you’ll be cooking in no time. You can start small. Then throw in a kitchen sink. Add a bar fidge or two. Perhaps a few extra drawers here, a cabinet there. It’s full on mate! Only available in a 4 burner BBQ configuration.


Beaf Eater

Beef Eater Range Hoods