Skantherm ELEMENTS Modular Wood Fire

True to its name, Elements is made up of a set of modular components organized around a super efficient burning chamber, itself rotatable by 90˚. For the first time fire becomes furniture.



Technical Details

  • Material: Steel
  • Body Colour: Deep Black
  • Nominal Heat Output: 5 kW
  • Weight: Burning Chamber 130 kg
  • Smoke outlet: On top or at rear
  • Efficiency: 69%
  • Emmissions: 0.6g/Kg
  • Room air independent operation available
  • Tertiary air supply
  • Self cleaning glass panel
  • Right or left-hinged door options available

Key Features

  • Covered combustion air controller enables precise and efficient use of fuel
  • Upper part rotatable by 90˚, even when in temperature-control mode, allowing ideal comfort
  • Optional Thermostone storage module maintains stored heat for many hours after the fire has gone out