Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heater – Large Console

The powerful Large Freestanding Clean Air
wood heater is designed for the most spacious
of Australian homes, heating up to 300m². Like
all Clean Air Wood Heaters it offers superior
performance, efficient use of firewood and long
burn times, making it the ideal choice for heating
the whole house on a cold winter’s night.
The Clean Air Console uses the advanced
firebox design for which Clean Air is famous and
the medium and large sizes have a removable
stainless steel baffle plate complete with a ten
year warranty. The three-speed fan, standard to
all models boosts heat to every corner, efficiently
keeping your home warm all day and night with
a minimum of fuss.
Available in Charcoal.



Specifications Large
Height 855mm
Width 845mm
Depth 645mm
Weight 230kg
Rear to centre flue 230mm
Approx. Heating capacity 30sq
Rear clearance 150mm
Side clearance 350mm
Corner clearance 50mm
Hearth size 450x1040x6mm


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