ANTEFOCUS Wall Hung Wood Fireplace



Decades after its creation, each Antefocus is still built to order — by hand — in polished raw steel. This was the first fireplace ever designed by Dominique Imbert. He created it in 1967 for his personal use. This seminal model was initially designed to pivot and became the prototype for the Gyrofocus in 1968 and the springboard for the entire Focus range. More than 45 years after its creation, the Antefocus is still built to order (by hand), in polished raw steel with visible welding seams.

This suspended, pivoting model features a wide opening (1.90 m). The fireplace is made from polished raw steel and has visible welding seams.

  • Performance: Nominal heat output: 5.5kw
  • Efficiency: 53.5%
  • CO output: 0.18%