Clean Air Freestanding Wood Heater – Medium Console

The Medium Console is generously designed
for the average home of up to 250m² and
uses the advanced Clean Air firebox design for
outstanding performance and durability. The
firebox’s heat exchange system, including the
three-speed fan, enhances natural convection
and is the signature of Clean Air Wood Heaters.
All Clean Air Wood Heaters perform well below
EPA low emissions requirements without
compromising their overnight burn capacity.
The heat exchange system allows you to switch
the fan off when burning low (such as overnight)
and still maintain excellent air circulation.
Available in Charcoal.



Specifications Medium
Height 805mm
Width 745mm
Depth 598mm
Weight 180kg
Rear to centre flue 230mm
Approx. Heating capacity 25sq
Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 300mm
Corner clearance 50mm
Hearth size 350x940x6mm



Clean Air Woodheaters